ACR Expert Witness Affirmation Statement

When serving as an expert witness, ACR members must present their own expertise and opinions. Testimony of ACR members does not represent the opinion or position of the ACR. This statement is a proactive and affirmative obligation.

As a member of the ACR, I will adhere to the following principles when providing expert witness testimony:

  1. I am familiar with the qualifications, responsibilities and requisites of an expert witness specified in the ACR Practice Guideline on the Expert Witness in Radiology and Radiation Oncology.
  2. I will always be truthful.
  3. I will provide testimony that is objective, impartial, scientifically based, and clinically accurate.
  4. I will have the appropriate education, training, and practical experience as well as the licensure and certification, to be deemed a true expert in the subject of the case.
  5. I will be familiar with the applicable standard of care in the jurisdiction in which I may testify, and recognize that physicians with a different level of expertise may still practice within the standard of care.
  6. I will review relevant materials sufficiently to assure an informed and fair opinion, and I will form opinions based on the information available at the time of the incident under review.
  7. I will be familiar with and prepared to address the known or potential limitations of my opinion, as well as the degree to which that opinion is accepted in the medical community.
  8. I will not accept compensation linked to the outcome of the case.
  9. I will not present my personal opinions as representative of the policy positions of the ACR.
  10. I understand that I can be held accountable for statements made during a legal proceeding, and that my testimony is subject to peer review.

Please Note:   ACR will not accept an Affirmation Statement that has been altered.  Violation of the above principles may result in disciplinary review by the ACR Ethics Committee.  This Affirmation Statement shall expire only upon a written rescinding of the signature.

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